'Tobeyou' opens March 3 at Light Grey Art Lab

Light Grey Art Lab is celebrating their 5th anniversary, and I'm pleased to announce I'll be participating in the 'Tobeyou' exhibition that marks the event. The theme of the show is telling your own story, the story behind the artist and the art.

In my piece 'Creation' I focused on my teenage years, when I began to passionately draw and became enveloped in imaginary worlds of my own creation. Adolescence is physically and emotionally fraught, and by diving into imaginative works I shielded myself from anxiety. As a side effect of finding peace through art, I also gained the courage to pursue a career as an artist. For me, the purpose of my art is to bring happiness and wonder to others, so I hope these phoenix/dragon/unicorn beasts can for a moment transport you to a magical reality.

The show opens March 3, and prints of this piece will be available at the exhibition. For more info please visit the LGAL website:


New Sticker Designs Available!

New stickers are here!
I've added a new batch of cute critters to my shop at Stickermule. These super-durable stickers are great decorations for cell phones, laptops, journals and more. I'd love to see how you end up using yours!
To share sticker photos or request a bulk discount, email junglestudio@gmail.com